Treo TV launches on Roku in 12 countries across Latin America

Treo TV launches on Roku in 12 countries across Latin America

Treo Media’s direct-to-consumer streaming platform Treo TV is scheduled to launch in March in 12 territories1 across Latin America. Central America and the Caribbean,  marking the first availability for the platform outside North America and the U.K.  With this entirely new streaming experience, audiences in the region will soon be able to enjoy powerful storytelling with a purpose, that includes fan-favorite programming from Treo TV.

“We are thrilled for the launch of Treo TV in Latin America and the Caribbean, which is the first step in bringing Treo Media’s Direct-to-Consumer service to consumers outside of the U.S., and around the world,” said Gavin Atkins, Head of Treo TV Media Delivery. “By combining innovative series and independent filmmaking, , as well as orinal content slated for 2022, Treo TV will offer fans in the region an unforgettable and enriching entertainment experience.”  

As an ad-supported streaming service, at launch, new Treo TV viewers will get instant access to Treo TV without registering for an account or subscription. New users will have access to an entirely new mobile Treo TV app that will mirror the experience available in the U.S., including new features that will enhance the way users connect with their content.

Designed for everyone in a household, Treo TV will provide access to quality content drawn from independent filmmakers and content creators from around the world, inspiring a multi cultural audience to discover new and exciting content offerings. Treo TV’s content lineup includes a wide slate of diverse titles, but will also feature original titles exclusive to the platform  as well as series and films created by the best storytellers around the world, with popular titles acquired from local and internationally renowned partners and distributors.

Treo TV will be readily available primarily though ROKU, but also available through a variety of options, and downloadable on a multitude of devices including smartphones, tablets and a wide range of smart entertainment platforms.

Territories include: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru

About Treo Media

Treo TV is an independent, cross-platform  modern media company that creates and delivers empowering and authentic content for a diverse, multicultural audience. Treo showcases powerful storytelling across its platforms to inspire a culture of curiosity through Treo TV linear and video-on-demand (VOD) channels; podcasts, Online Digital Digital; OTT channels , mobile apps; and live events. For additional information, please visit 

Treo TV Launches on Roku in 12 Countries Across Latin America

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