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Our mission is to inspire you to experience

the world around you

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What is Treo?

Treo is an emerging media company that delivers premium content to audiences worldwide. We engage our passionate diverse global audience on all major digital, mobile, and streaming television platforms worldwide.

Our studios create content for all audiences, delivering purpose driven media that inspires curiosity about the world around them. We forge deep connections with brands and viewers, delivering content that explores Cultures, Cuisines, Destinations and Live performances from.around the world, 

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Who we are

Treo is  an emerging media company reaching diverse, multi-cultural audiences around the world . Reaching this global audience through digital, mobile, and streaming television platforms, garnering an increasing numbers of users worldwide.

Treo’s cross-platform entertainment media brand creates empowering, cultural-based content and experiences for diverse audiences everywhere. We  showcase tcreators who break boundaries, celebrate life, and fignite curiosity about the world around us

Treo connects with our growing audience through itsTreo TV  linear and video-on-demand (VOD) channels; Treo Digital including its websites (mobile apps, OTT apps and channels, and live events. as well as partnering with creators to deliver and distribute content throuh Treo Studios.

Our Team

We are a passionate group of explorers dedicated to inspiring people to experience the world around them everyday.

Our Team

Our Studios

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We create, deliver and distribute award-winning video content and original programming in Culture, Food, Travel and Live performances from around the world Food, inspring engaged, passionate, audiences everywhere.

Igniting a culture

of curiosity