Our Team

Inspiring people to explore the world

The Treo leadership team brings together technology and media industry executives with broad industry experience from large-scale enterprises, consumer brands, SaaS companies, and broadcast TV. We pride ourselves on attracting the brightest talent in the industry, with the experience and ambition needed to guide and drive the new era of Live and Streaming TV.
Originally founded In 2014, we had a few iterations and a couple of mergers before becoming the wave of today. We’ve launched new products and completed new partnerships. Our Platforms, and connected services connect and power the entire digital content supply chain, from the initial pre-production through distribution.
As we continue to grow, one thing stays the same: Our mission to empower passion in people by delivering sports and entertainment around the world.

A great place to be

Testimonial by Zachary Stroud
“ We're global partners to leading independent content creators. Through smarter creation ecosystems, the best talent, and scaled technology, we enable creative visions to come to life and ensure they reach diverse global audiences everywhere. Our goal is to inspire new ideas, new artists and new ways of experiencing the world around us.”
Zachary Stroud
Chief Executive Officer